John Kerry with Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel said on Sunday that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had looked to console Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over a Middle East peace gathering being held in Paris, which neither Israel nor the Palestinians are going to.

Around 70 nations, including key European and Arab states and also the changeless individuals from the U.N. Security Council, were in Paris for a meeting that Netanyahu has dismisses as “vain”.

kerryNetanyahu’s office issued an announcement on Sunday saying that “Kerry called Netanyahu to enlighten him regarding the moves the U.S. was taking at the meeting to mellow the wording of the Paris dispatch.”

It included that the Israeli pioneer had answered by saying that “Israel had as of now endured harm after the U.S. did not veto a Security Council determination (a month ago) and it ought not be intensified.”

The announcement said that Kerry focused on Netanyahu that there would be no subsequent results to the meeting, neither at the United Nations Security Council or at the gathering itself and that “the U.S. would contradict any suggestion that might be advanced to the Security Council.”

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